Environmental Technologies – Industrial Design



DLC is an engineering company focused on environmental technologies for more than 20 years. DLC evaluates new technologies not already present in the market, investing important economical resources for the realization of pilot plant to be commissioned and controlled directly to the final users

We are in a position to propose the best and modern technologies available on the market for a systematic approach to the problem, considering at the same time the environment and the echo-system, the energy saving and the present regulations.

Having operated in various segments of market in terms of requirements and regulations, we can support valid technical and economical discussions with our interlocutors, motivating them in clear and exhaustive way about the request for the necessary investment for solve their problem.

The Company has signed important collaboration with famous Universities to reach a detailed study of the technologies and pilot plants.

Basing of our experiences, we can face and solve every type of problem in the field of waste water treatment, drinkable water treatment and reuse of water in the industrial process.